omg people still don’t understand sources i’m gonna cry

Anonymous moaned, "Oh my gosh I love this blog so much it hurts. You are a wonderful person for making it."

it’s two of us but thank you!!!!

spideysdaddies moaned, "I can't reach 118 and 104's sources? Help pretty please?"

118 was from’s experience as an extra on the prom episode but she’s deleted her post

104 sorry the source has deleted it but it was so cute it was like this recording and ashley was like “no im sitting next to darren” and chris was like “no IM sitting next to darren” it was adorable

Anonymous moaned, "Where did you hear 113 it is beautiful 😭"

Anonymous moaned, "What interview did you take 115 from ?!" look at the sources

Anonymous moaned, "crisscolfer has buttsex"

thought so 

hi lovers from emily

hi cuties from maddy

Anonymous moaned, "WHY AM I JUST DISCOVERING THIS??? xD I have to say, though, reading all those questions about the sources kind of made me want to cry for humanity... Anyway, I'm a little in love with your blog. Thanks for making me laugh! :)"

thanks for the support we cry for humanity too

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legendary-chemistry moaned, "CRISS COLFER IN PARIS!!!!"


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Anonymous moaned, "Just checking in to see if everyone in CrissColfer land is alive? healthy? need water? after the B'day Tweet Hilarity. I ask, from the grave. Where I currently reside. Death by awesome."

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little crisscolfer things

Whether they're your OTP or your BROTP... these little things are the reasons why.

 shipping CrissColfer like it's a job




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